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A Little History
Behind The Company

Established in 2001, Midfield Technologies is one of Southern New England's Most Advanced Web Design and Web Marketing Firms. We assist businesses develop a strong internet presence through their website and online marketing strategies. Our philosophy is simple; provide excellent web design services, timely response time, and web marketing consulting, working closely with the business owner to create a functional, user friendly website.

A Different Strategy: We begin with YOU! We talk with our clients concerning the different design and marketing strategies determining what is right plan for them. Every business is unique and we want your website to reflect those strengths. Costs can add up quickly when designing or redesigning a site. That’s why Midfield Technologies works with you to develop the plan of where you want to go and what the important factors are for your business, minimizing those “surprise extra charges.”

Creative Designs: By using disciplines such as architecture, design, consumer insight, and conceptual development, we work with clients to shape their experiences as well as their customer. Our solutions fulfill our client's branding and business needs while offering their customers all the resources they need to effectively navigate the website.

Media & Online Marketing: Early in the process our team evaluates online user data and offers recommendations on how to improve your current website. We start with a foundation utilizing the search engines and advance to additional social media strategies. We offer programs that will satisfy our client’s initial desired volume and build the marketing plan based on traffic results. This keeps cost low and provides a track record based on results.

Technology: Our system of development, design, technology, and marketing come together to build dynamic and personalized websites while using the latest search engine accepted technologies. If the website design is not approved by search engines then the site will not be found by potential customers. We share all aspects of the design and marketing process with our clients. From accessing the backend of the website to submitting to the search engines, our clients share in the process and understanding.

Website Ownership: Most Importantly, we put the ownership of the website and URL in our client’s name. We are hired to assist in the design and marketing process, but the rightful owner is our YOU.

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