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What is a WEBSITE without SEO & Marketing?

If you are seeking prominent search engine SEO - Search Engine Marketingpositioning for your targeted search phrases, Midfield Technologies can offer you complete search engine promotion and search engine marketing solutions.

The search engine promotion and marketing activities include:

  • Pre-optimisation Keyword and key phrase analysis and research
  • Search Engine Optimization
    Manipulation of content and coding of your live website
  • Submissions
    Tailored manual search engine and directory submissions
  • Advanced Search Engineering
    Workarounds to combat search engine unfriendly barriers, such as spamming sites from Russia and China
  • Ongoing Reporting
    Position checking and site usage statistics
  • Ongoing Activity
    To sustain positioning and gain new results
  • Pay Per Click Marketing
    Bid and position management and reporting

Innovation & Growth

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  • Sales
  • Target

Do You Feel Your Deserver
More From Your  Website?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is powerful and cost effective way to market any website. An internet search engine or directory is the first source potential customer use when searching for a product or service. With the search engines changing its focus to local traffic, local search engine placement is crucial to your businesses survival. Making sure your site is on the first page is our focus and we have multiple services helping your business get there.

We use the most up to date and ethical methods in order to help get your site placed at the top the most popular search engines. We focus on getting the right traffic to your site instead of just getting your more traffic.  We evaluate the results though increased online leads and phone calls. We go to great lengths to discover the keywords and phrases visitors use to find your site, and seeing your site as one of the first options. Doing this the right way takes a great deal of experience, time and resources but the many months of diligence pays off.

Who we are?

Midfield Technologies has helped many customers throughout the united states come up with effective marketing strategies resulting in success. We have a dedicated staff of experts in all areas of SEO, SEM, web design, and web marketing and we are dedicated to helping your company succeed. Although industries are varied, we have demonstrated our ability to provide our clients websites with top search engine placement.

Why Do We Succeed?

Ethical web marketing, patients and dedication are the hallmarks of our service. There are specific standard methods employed in ethical SEO and always need to be adhered to in order to provide any kind of success. These include the ability to analyze keywords of your website and your competitor, completing both on-site SEO as well as off-site SEO, which typically is link-building. Many existing companies that provide SEO services offer these features, but at varying degrees of efficiency. We use an in-depth analysis of keywords and examination of your competitors. When it comes to off-site SEO efforts, we work with you to deliver the most comprehensive SEO marketing strategy which will leave your competition behind.

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Your search engine promotion and search engine marketing avoidance check list...

  • Spamdexing, coined from spam and index, is the use of methods intended to cheat a search engine into listing a page highly. These methods include: Multiple URL's with redirects to a single site
  • Barely visible text
  • Tiny text
  • Keyword-packed doorway pages (with and without redirects)
  • The (illegal) use of competitors' trademarks in tags
  • Page cloaking and IP delivery
  • Participation in link farms
  • The use of words that are unrelated to the true subject of the web site
  • and many more as the search engine requirements evolve

This kind of activity is avoided by Midfield Technologies as, if detected, it can lead to penalization and sometimes blacklisting.

Midfield Technologies can, however, offer you professional and effective search engine promotion and search engine marketing services tailored to your needs and designed to gain you prominent search engine listings for your targeted search phrases.

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